Overview of the number of beds ÚVN:

Standard beds 472
Intensive care units (ICU) beds 68
Aftercare beds:
  • Department of subsequent nursing care
  • Hospice
  • Long-term intesive care
Department of social welfare 6
Special home 30
Care for war veterans 9
Total number: 677


Number of outpatients in 2006 - 2016:

Outpatients in 2006-2016


Number of hospitalized patients in the years 2006 – 2016:

Hospitalized pacients 2006-2016


Basic values and objectives of ÚVN

  • Teamwork - creating an environment for open communication, mutual respect and trust and promote the common objectives of the hospital.

  • Top professional performance - enhancing personal and professional responsibility and joint efforts to achieve excellence.
  • Integrity - the strengthening of respect for patients and their values, respect for patients' rights and open access to them.
  • Academic environment - promoting educational and scientific activities. 


The objectives of ÚVN

  • Providing professional and high quality health care with a focus on continuous quality improvement in all areas and levels.
  • Optimizing care for professional soldiers, civilian employees, family members, military veterans and civilians fall.
  • Providing both pre-and post-graduate education and training of medical personnel for missions and crisis situations.