CH2 Location: building CH2, ground floor

Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care unit currently provides (except to children under 15 years old) the whole spectrum of activities pertaining to the field - anesthesia care, resuscitation and intensive care. This department currently has 24 inpatient beds at three stations from which resuscitation is one of the boxing systems. An integral part of the department is to provide CPR and intensive consultancy services throughout the hospital premises and in particular at the emergency department.

Simulations of critical conditions requiring rapid and effective intervention have become an integral part of teaching and education, including in emergency and intensive care medicine. Theoretical knowledge training form the basis of medical education and constitute a large part of teaching, but theory is not everything. In medicine there are a number of practical skills, some of them  „life-saving“ that cannot be learned only theoretically. A number of clinical situations require a reasonably fast sequence of diagnostic and therapeutic steps, a combination of practical application of knowledge and manual skills. For many life-threatening conditions, generally accepted algorithms/guidelines exists.  Cases from everyday practice continue to remind us that a patients life may often depend on the speed and accuracy of their application...

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