A7 Location: building A, entrance A7


The core of the clinic is a comprehensive medical and preventive care in internal medicine focusing especially on sub-fields of cardiology, gastroenterology, hepatology, diabetology and metabolism, nephrology and general internal medicine. Our main activites involve specialized diagnostic and medical care, pre-graduate and post-graduate education and applied research. All of our activities are managed by the outpatient departments of internal medicine, including field offices in the Department of Cardiology and Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Metabolism. In every department there are standard and specialized beds. The department also provides specialized units.

The clinic is the educational center of the 1st Faculty of Medicine in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. The organizational structure of the clinic is based on a two-control system. The management mechanism is based both on the common law and internal regulations of the Central Military Hospital. On the top of the management structure there is the Senior Consultant who oversees activities of the deputies, head nurse, health units, secretariat and doctors (graduates) without certification. Individual departments are managed by the senior physicians and head nurses.

Head Physician:
Petr Urbánek, M.D.,CSc.