E Location: Building E, main entry E7

From the side of the building is the entrance to the auditorium, administration and research laboratory section. Other separate entrances from the rear of the building lead to an outpatient clinic for acute (entrance E6) and chronic (entrance E5) patient visits.

Our mission:

Patients: The Infectious Diseases Department of the Military University Hospital in Prague is part of the 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University Prague. It provides ambulatory and hospital care for adult and teenage patients with infectious diseases in close cooperation with other departments of the hospital. Our specialists also provide infectious diseases consultations for all surgical and medical departments of the UVN Hospital, recommend antibiotic therapy as well as provide antibiotic stewardship and hospital acquired infections prevention and infection control guidance. They serve as members of the so-called   ‘antibiotic center’ whose task is to approve administration of certain broad-spectrum antibiotics in our hospital.

Educational activities: The ID department participates in teaching medical students of the Charles University both in Czech and English languages and also provides courses in continuing master’s degree in intensive care for nurses and nurse practitioners. We also yearly provide one-week courses in infectious diseases for dental medicine students in both languages. Post-graduate education in infectious diseases with frequent seminars is an integral part of the work of interns and residents in our department.

Science and Research: are inseparable parts of the ID department work. The laboratory is a joint workplace of the Charles University and Military University Hospital. Numerous research projects are under way concentrating on the study of specific and non-specific immunity responses in sepsis and certain serious infectious diseases. The research team cooperates with many Czech and foreign university teams (most importantly with the Lund University, Sweden) and also takes part in education of researchers in studies of biomedicine at the Charles University in Prague.

Head Physician:
Professor Michal Holub, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor Michal Holub, M.D., Ph.D.