CH1 Location: building CH1, entrance CH2, ground floor


The department is equipped with the latest modern technology. We receive all patients without any restrictions. Our main specialization is robotic, laser, minimaly invasive endoscopic and laparoscopic urology (which represents 93% of all of our activities). The robotic urology uses the da Vinci robotic system, mainly radical surgery for prostate cancer, kidney-sparing cancer surgery, robotic reconstruction of the upper urinary tract, radical cystectomy etc. The high-performance 100 Watt holmium laser is used for prostate surgery (BPH), treatments of urinary tract stone diseases and treatments of strictures and tumors of the upper urinary tract. In addition to standard endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries we are also focused on treatments of complex lithiasis (rigid and flexible endoscopy) and tumors of the upper urinary tract, retroperitoneoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries, photodynamic diagnosis of bladder cancer or microsurgical varicocelectomy.


The ward in this department consists of 28 beds and also provide a dining area with TV. There are both anesthesia and urological care for our patients available. Patients are usually placed in the standard ward after their stabilization.

The social care is provided by a specialized nurse.

Extra services:

Superior rooms (single / double) providing a TV, telephone, fridge, radio and shower bath. For reservations call +420 973 203 331.

Head Physician:
doc. Miroslav Záleský, M.D., Ph.D.