C5 Location: building C, entrance C5, ground-floor and 1st floor


Ward unit mainly specializes in diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and assessment of mental disorders in the short-term hospitalization. Average stay should be no longer than 60 days. Our team of doctors, psychologists, therapists and nurses are ready to provide comprehensive high-level care. During the treatments we use the latest scientific and medical practices.

The department has 40 beds (15 of which are in the Acute Care Section and 25 are in the Open Therapeutic Section).

The Acute Care Section focuses on treating of patients with acute mental disorders (especially affective and psychotic disorders) whose health condition requires a stay in the closed ward.

The department mainly specializes in suicide prevention, self-harm behavior, aggressive behavior etc. The patients are under constant control by the nursing staff as well as the camera system. The amount of personal belongings in the closed ward is limited and all of them need to be approved by the medical staff, as well as all things which patients obtain during a visit. This rule provides maximum safety for both patients and staff.

The department has 15 beds located in double, three-bed or four-bed rooms.

There is also a room providing intensive care which 24hrs staff monitoring. An integral part of the therapies is pharmacotherapy, biological therapy and psychotherapy.

The department also provides medical treatment for alcohol withdrawal and other psychoactive substances.

The Open Therapeutic Section focuses on the treatment of anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, manic-depressive disorder and schizophrenia.

Treatments of suicide, aggressive or self-harm behavior as well as treatments for alcohol withdrawal and other psychoactive substances are not provided by this department.

The department has 25 beds located in double, three-bed or four-bed rooms including 3 superior rooms.

We provide a wide range of psychotherapeutic activities like group psychotherapy led by experienced psychotherapists, cognitive training, drama therapy, music therapy, yoga, relaxation therapy, individual psychotherapy, art therapy etc. There is a high expectation for patients to cooperate in activities and have a proactive approach.

The relationship between the staff and patient is based on an individual approach. Each patient is fully informed about details of all medical methods and procedures.

We do not provide

We do not provide treatment of geriatric psychiatric patients (age over 65 years), treatment of dementia, treatment of long-term hospitalized patients with organic brain syndrome, treatment of behavior disorders in mentally retarded persons, child therapy, substitution treatment for opiate addiction and long-term addiction treatment, long-stay treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill patients, treatment of sexual and gender identity disorders and treatment of eating disorders.

Extra services:

3 superior rooms providing accommodation comparable to hotel services.

Daily fee: CZK 735

  • single-bed room
  • equipped with TV, fridge, kettle and coffee set
  • private bathroom and toilet
  • direct telephone connection with nursing staff
  • possibility of high-speed internet
Head Physician:
COL. MD. Vlastimil Tichý
COL. MD. Vlastimil Tichý