P Location: Building P, first floor


The Center of Military Institute of Forensic Medicine performs autopsies of sudden, unexpected and violent deaths for health and investigative purposes of particular authorities - mainly of the Czech Army and the Ministry of Interior. Most of the autopsies are investigations of patients who died in air accidents in the Air Force, civilian sector and deaths in the Central Military Hospital. Autopsy findings are combined with the microscopic examination of organs and tissues removed at autopsy and toxicological analyses (of blood, urine and other) The department also performs toxicological examinations, forensic toxicology analysis and autopsy examinations of biological samples of living persons. For those purposes, the laboratory of toxicology is equipped with modern analytical instruments. Recently the number of analysis of drugs in biological material has been increasing. The department also provides blood alcohol tests for forensic needs of the hospital clinics or upon requests from the police. Our service portfolio also includes assessment activities mainly focusing on assessing pain and suffering compensations as well as mechanism assessment and severity of injuries for agencies involved in criminal proceedings. The department belongs to institutions authorized to process constitutional process expertise.

Research activities:

Our activities are focused on research of firearms injuries and air crash investigation. Our physicians are involved in educational activities of the Military Medical Academy in Hradec Králové and the Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior in Prague.

Institute Prospects:

Development of toxicological analysis (used for drug analysis), especially for regular testing of people, special methods for air crash investigation, development of immunohistochemical laboratory.

Head Physician:
Václav Horák, M.D., MBA