Community pharmacy

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Hospital pharmacy

I Location: Pavilon I - ground floor

Main tasks:

  • Delivery of drugs, desinfectants and laboratory diagnostics to hospital wards
  • Generation of internal instructions concerning drug manipulation and supervision over hospital wards to follow these instructions
  • Cooperation in the multidisciplinary teams including clinical trials teams
  • Hosting the pre-graduate (students of pharmacy and pharmacy-technicians schools) and post-graduate internships
  • Consulting drug related problems


Departments of Hospital pharmacy

Department of manufactured drugs procurement and dispensation

Principal tasks:

  • Dispensation of manufactured dugs (including infusion bags, nutrition, non-registered drugs, medicinal cosmetics, food supplements) and desinfectants for other hospital departments
  • Collection of unusable drugs from hospital wards for disposal
  • Hospital drug formulary managament in cooperation with Drugs & Therapeutics Committee
  • Cooperation with Procurment Procurement department over drugs purchasing
  • Supervision over Hospital drug formulary adherence
  • Consultations, informative and educational activity regarding drug-handling
  • Cooperation with hospital wards in the cases of corrective measures issued by the State institute for drug control

Department of drug preparation

Principal tasks:

  • Drug preparation for the in- and out-patients and other healthcare facilities (including sterile drug forms)
  • Formulation of technological prescriptions for drug preparation
  • Consultations, informative and educational activity regarding individually prepared drugs

Cytotoxic drugs preparation department

Principal tasks:

  • Individual preparation of cytotoxic drugs
  • Optimalization and supervision over cytotoxic drugs prescriptions
  • Consultations, informative and educational activity in the field of cytotoxic drugs

Drug control department

Principal tasks:

  • Output control of individually prepared drugs
  • Laboratory diagnostics, chemical substances and mixtures purchasing
  • Preparation of specific solutions for laboratory use
  • Consultations, informative and educational activity on drug control and analysis

Medicinal gases preparation department

Principal tasks:

  • Preparation of medicinal gases for hospital wards including its quality control and documentation
Head Pharmacist:
kpt. PharmDr. Michal Kočí