CH1 Location: Building CH1, entrance CH2, ground floor

Gynecology Clinic is equipped with modern surgical techniques and provides inpatient and outpatient women care. The clinic provides diagnosis and treatments of diseases of female bodies by conservative (non-surgical) treatments and treatments of diseases of female bodies through surgery. We provide all laparoscopic, robotic, vaginal and hysteroscopic surgeries, urogynecologic surgeries, microsurgeries, abdominal surgeries, minor gynecological procedures, surgeries malignant and benign breast diseases. We provide uterine fibroids embolization procedures in cooperation with Radiologic Department. Since 2006 we have been using the Da Vinci robotic system.


Office hours:

Mon - Thu 7am - 3.45pm
Fri 7am - 2.30pm

It is necessary to arrange an appointment in non-acute cases. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


Gynecology Clinic has 12 beds in this time. Surgical procedures are performed in most well equipped surgery room. Our patients are individually interviewed by our doctor (including discussion about the diseases and ways of healing them). Before any surgery each patient is informed about the full extent of the surgery as well as possible changes during the procedure, which is confirmed by the patient's signature.

Another interview with our patients is done by the primary nurse performs (at the check-in).

We pay a lot of attention to the mental condition of our patients. Our patients are placed to the sleep unit after a surgery. After their stabilization they are returned to the standard ward.


Head Physician:
Pavla Svobodová, M.D., Ph.D.
Pavla Svobodová, M.D., Ph.D.