CH1 Location: building CH1, entrance CH2


Neurosurgical department of the Central Military Hospital, 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Sub-department of Neurosurgery of the Institute of Postgradual Medical Education (IPVZ) in Prague is mostly active in 3 areas: patients care, pre- and postgradual education and research. The department has 5 main programmes: Neurooncology, vascular diseases of the nervous systém, functional neurosurgery (pain and epilepsy), spine surgery and trauma of the central and peripheral nervous systém. The department operates on 24/7 basis, the professional personnel and sophisticated technologies are available round the clock. Consulting services are readily available for patients.

Technological equipment, such as surgical microscopes, navigational systems, ultrasound aspirators and complete equipment for endoscopic surgeries, is of the standard readily available at the simmilar academic institutions around the developed world. Readily available is also very active endovascular neuroradiological programme. Routine intraoperative monitoring of nervous functions by means of electrophysiological methods is used in all surgeries in eloquent areas of brain and spinal cord. Awake surgeries are performed in selected cases. The top technology, available in the country only at Central Military Hospital, is dedicated surgical suite for intraoperative 3T MR imaging. Post-operative care is provided either in  central intensive care unit or in  departments intensive care unit.

The department performs some 2500 surgeriesd a year.

Outpatient clinic:

Neurosurgical outpatient clinic

Appointments are scheduled based on a physician’s decision, a referral from general practitioner, neurologist or another department requiring neurosurgical advice regarding their patients. Patients are required to bring their medical records (X-ray, CT, or MRI images or images on CD). Non-scheduled appointments are possible only in emergency cases. Follow-ups depend on the disease and on the patients condition.

Spondylosurgical Spine surgery outpatient clinic

Spondylosurgical Spine surgery clinic specializes in spinal diseases and patients are explained all possible options of surgical and medical treatment. Appointments of patients are scheduled based on a referral from general practitioners, neurologists, rehabilitation doctors, orthopedists or other departments when the diagnostic-therapeutic process requires a consult with a specialist in surgical treatment of spinal diseases. To make a qualified judgment it is necessary that patients bring their complete medical records with treatment history and image documentation (X-ray, CT or MRI images or images on CD).

Non-scheduled appointments are possible individually only, depending on the patients condition.

Chronic pain treatment clinic

Pain clinic specializes in the treatment of intractable pain and patients are explained both surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment based on their medical records.

Electrophysiological laboratory

Only a specialist such as a neurologist, neurosurgeon or an orthopedist, may schedule an appointment of their patients in the laboratory.


The department handles 54 beds. Forty-four beds are assigned for standard care (station ward A and B) and 10 beds are provided for post-operative care (intensive care unit). The department is designed for pre-operative and post-operative care of patients with diseases or injuries of the nervous system. Patients are usually transferred from other departments such as neurological department or admitted based on their examination in the outpatient clinic. The mean hospital stay is 7 days.

All patients pass a complete pre-operative examination to be admitted for treatment which confirms they are capable of undergoing a surgical procedure and fill in out an admission form. It is necessary that patients come to the admission office of the department no later than at 9:30 a.m. Emergencies are managed individually depending on the severity of a patient’s condition. Such admissions pass hospital through hospitals ER.

Visiting hours are not restricted however visitor’s are asked not to interfere with the operation of individual units of the department. Each patient in the standard ward care unit is checked twice a day by physicians. Patients in the post-operative intensive care unit are monitored 24 hrs a day. All patients are individually checked by a team unit once a week during ward round which is lead by the head of the unit. Patients are allowed to use their mobile phones and TV sets are available in dining rooms of each unit of the department. Patients are also allowed to use TV sets in individual rooms when approved by their physicians.

Extra services:

The department has three single bedrooms with bathroom, TV set, telephone and Internet connection.

There is also a two-bed apartment (for a patient and a family member). The fee for using the apartment is 1.500 CZK/day, the fee for using a single-bed room is 800 CZK/day. If you would like to use one of these rooms, please, let us know in advance on Tel.: 973 202 963.

Treatment portfolio:

Our comprehensive care is composed of several subspecialization: Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery provides surgical and endovascular treatment of aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and cerebral ischemia. We surgically resolve the neurovascular conflict in the back of the skull hole. Neuro-Oncology provides all types of surgical treatments of intracranial and spinal tumors of adults and children, including a post-operative cancer treatment. In the field of Neurotraumatology the department is involved in the complex traumat program by surgical treatment of injuries and individually provides treatments of slight brain injuries and acute and chronic lesions of peripheral nerves. In the field of Spondylosurgery there are provided treatments of patients with degenerative cervical and lumbar spine including stabilization treatments.

Head Physician:
David Netuka, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman
David Netuka, M.D., Ph.D.