C5 Location: building C, entrance C5, 2rd floor


The organization of the Department of Long-Term Care and Aftercare is managed by the head nurse who is directly subordinated to the Deputy Director for Paramedical Profession and closely cooperates with health and social workers. The medical care is provided by professional physicians under the supervision of the head physician.

The medical and nursing care is provided within the reimbursement of health insurance. Our services are provided non-stop by our medical and paramedical staff. Our care is focused on improving self-sufficiency as well as on the aftercare and stabilization of health status and patients' reintegration into normal life. We provide services for those patients whose outpatient care at home is no longer manageable and whose health status worsens. Our service portfolio consists mainly of medical care and nursing care, physiotherapy care, training of daily skills and psychosocial rehabilitation. It concerns to patients with a set diagnosis and whose health condition is stabilized (with no expectation of health deterioration).

After the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments leading to the patient's stabilization, the treatment plan is made (including additional rehabilitation and nursing care).

The health care within the department is also operated by students of medical universities and high schools, as well as volunteers. We also provide here the canistherapy, workshops for seniors and families.

Patients' condition is controlled by doctor's every day. Physicians of the department provide information of patients’ health status and the head physician does the medical ward rounds every Friday. The long-term care is operated by the professional nurses. Care plans for patients (including rehabilitation) is created individually according to their current mental and physical condition. The head nurses and nursing team do the ward rounds once a week.

We also provide a social care to our patients. It is operated by the staff from the Hospital (in cooperation with patients' family members).

Our department has a volunteer program and the role of the volunteers is very important for helping our patients.

As we have very limited hours we prefer that visitors visitduring the afternoon and all vistor’s check in at the nurser’s office.

Head Physician:
Jana Přeučilová, M.D.