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PathologyThe original mission of the Department of Pathology was verifying of the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and subsequent treatments of the deceased. Since the 1950's this mission has been developing and following global trends. More recently the core mission of this department is Biopsy Diagnosis which is focused on detection of pathological changes of tissue samples in the patient during a surgery or diagnostic tests.

The diagnosis of a pathologists is crucial not only for oncological diseases but also for a wide range of pathological changes. The main task is to determine the most accurate biopsy diagnosis which has ensured the perfect instrumentation equipment and mainly by staff qualification (both physicians and histology laboratory assistants).

Recently the Department of Pathology has developed more effort to identify genetic causes of common diseases therefore Molecular Biology is becoming an integral part of Pathology. The department, in accordance with its tradition, is still focused on the field of Neuro Oncology and in recent years also on treatments of mammary gland and digestive system diseases.

The department closely cooperates with universities throughout the country as well as selected specialized institutes abroad.

Head Physician:
Jiří Soukup, M.D., Ph.D.
MD. Jiří Soukup, Ph.D.