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Department of Medical Psychology of the Central Military Hospital (UVN) in Prague has a long tradition both in the field of clinical psychology and the psychological expertise.

Our team of psychologists provides a wide range of diagnostic, psychotherapeutic and counseling services for inpatients and outpatients. In addition to this we provide consulting services for the medical departments of the Hospital as well as crisis intervention for patients and their families. An important group of patients are those with long-term or permanent effects of injuries and who are psychosomatic. Individual or group relaxation therapies are also a very important part of care we provide.

During rehabilitations of patients with brain injuries (within the individual therapies) and cognitive training the Department of Psychology closely cooperates with the Department of Neurology. In the field of Baripsychology we provide consulting services for the Department of Surgery.

We use the latest diagnostic instrumentation equipment which provides the best conditions for further work with clients during their therapy as well as for our areas of expertise. Within the department we use the latest methods of psychological testing and we also contributes on their development and validation

The Department has many years of experience in traffic psychological examination and selection of persons for specific professions in the civilian sector as well as in the armed forces which allows the department to be among the front office personnel selection for the demanding profession.

Head Physician:
COL. Dr. Jiří Klose, PhD.
COL. Dr. Jiří Klose, PhD.