CH1 Location: building CH1, entrance CH2, minus 1st floor


The department of otorhinolaryngology and head-and-neck surgery (ENT) provides diagnosis and comprehensive treatments of ear, nose and throat diseases as well as treatments for hearing and balance.

The outpatient section provides a service in general and specialized sections (otoneurology, otology, endocrinology, rhinology & oncology) and is equipped with the latest technology available in the Czech Republic.

Outpatient Clinic:

We provide examinations and treatments for patients in general and specialized sections (otoneurology, otology, endocrinology, rhinology, oncology) as well as consulting services for inpatients. We also provide assessment services for applicants of the Czech Armed Forces.

The clinic is equipped with oto-microscopes, endoscopes, flexible video-laryngostroboscopes, videokymograph, flexible autofluorescence endoscope, NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) endoscope, sialoendoscope, infusion and inhalation systems.

The Audiology Section is equipped with modern clinical audiometers and tympanometers.  The Otoneurology Laboratory is equipped with videooculography systems and the stabilometric platform.

Otology Clinic

We provide treatments of external and middle ear diseases as well as surgery of the facial nerve. We also provide after care for our patients.

Otoneurology Clinic

We provide treatments of inner ear diseases (and their effects) and diseases of the vestibular system (cause of vertiginous states).

Rhinology Clinic

We provide treatment of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses including subsequent post-operative care.

Endocrinosurgery Clinic

Confirming patients for thyroid surgery and parathyroid glands.

Oncology Dispensary

Monitoring of patients with tumors in the ENT field.


This department has 26 standard beds the four of which are designed for post-operative care and five for intensive care. The ENT Department provides a complete range of operations in the field of ear surgery including operations of stapes, facial nerve surgery, head and neck oncologic surgery, microsurgery of the larynx, laser surgery, thyroid and parathyroid glands, salivary gland surgery (including sialoendoscopy) functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), skull base surgery, endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery of the external ear and nose as well as removal of the tonsils using the techniques of endoscopic assisted adenoidectomy. The department also provides conservative treatments of acute cases and offers a complete range of services in audiology (hearing loss tests) and otoneurology.

ICU: we provide intensive care for patients after their surgery as well as for patients facing serious health problems.

Extra services:

  • 2 superior single-bed rooms (inlc. bathroom, TV, radio, fridge etc.) - Price: CZK 1,200.- / day
  • 1 apartment - Price: CZK 1,500.- / day
Head Physician:
Professor Jaromír Astl, M.D., PhD.
Professor Jaromír Astl, M.D., PhD.