A7 Location: building A, entrance A7


Department of Cardiology provides inpatient care for patients with internal diseases with a focus on cardiovascular diseases. The Ward Unit provides services for the catheterization laboratory (invasive diagnosis, percutaneous coronary artery intervention), antiarrhythmic unit (cardiostimulation), interventional radiology department (diagnosis and peripheral arterial intervention, neuroradiology). It takes patients from the coronary unit after the stabilization of their vital functions.

In cooperation with the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of IKEM it provides surgical treatments of IHD (ischemic heart disease) and heart valve diseases.

The department is accredited by the Czech Medical Chamber to provide further educational services. In 2009, together with other departments of the Hospital, it was given a status of the Cardiovascular Center for adult.

Bed Unit - intermediate care station (15 beds)

In April 2010 the newly opened unit expanded the bed capacity of the Department of Cardiology. Preferably it is focused on treatments of patients with cardiovascular diseases requiring closer monitoring, especially patients after complicated surgical interventions of the coronary and peripheral vascular system, patients with acute cardiovascular diseases and as need it also takes the patients from the ICU. The bed unit consists of 15 beds (2-bed and 4-bed rooms). Each room has its own bathroom. The unit is currently equipped with a telemetric monitoring system and it is also planning to have a hybrid monitoring system that will expand its range of continuous monitoring of patient vital signs.

A close personal and spatial coherence with other hospital departments allows us to ensure the optimal timing and continuity of diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Head Physician:
Doc. Martin Malý, M.D., Ph.D.
Doc. Martin Malý, M.D., Ph.D.