A7 Location: building A, entrance A7, 2nd floor


This department is a part of Internal Clinic and provides comprehensive care of diseases of esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon, pancreas, liver and biliary tract. Furthermore, it also provides undergraduate education (for students of 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague, The Faculty of Military Health Sciences (FMHS) of the University of Defence and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport) and postgraduate education of physicians (whitin their preparation for attestation in the field gastroenterology). We also participate in numerous research projects and studies.

Department Head Physician:
Ján Csomor, M.D.

Bed Unit

Patients with acute cases are checked-in through the outpatient departments of the Hospital (e.g. Internal Clinic Outpatient Department, Emergency, Surgical Outpatient Department) with the consent of a physician.

Scheduled check-in is possible only by appointment and with the consent of the Department Head Physician.

Visiting hours are not restricted however we recommend to carry out your visit in the afternoon hours in order to avoid interfering the operation of the department.

Information of the patient's health status are provided by  the station's doctors (personally and on weekdays till 4 pm only).

  • Unit A - 17 beds (1 3-bed room - Intermediate care unit,  2 4-bed rooms, 2 2-bed rooms and 2 single rooms)
  • Unit B - 19 beds (3 4-bed rooms, 3 2-bed rooms and 1 single room)